Los Angeles Facelift Orange County Cosmetic Surgery Clinique Dr. TavoussiThe leading facelift doctor in Newport Beach offers this rejuvenation technique to patients throughout Orange County. With symptoms like deep wrinkles, fat deposits, and hanging skin, the majority of patients are eager to look more youthful with the help of Dr. Tavoussi. All patients are going to have unique symptoms that require special treatment steps, provided through Dr. Tavoussi’s thorough experience and expertise. The general procedure should be similar for most people.

Facelift Candidates

An ideal patient is considering the treatment because they are unsatisfied with their appearance or have very obvious physical symptoms. It is usually easy to become a candidate for the rejuvenation after a thorough evaluation, even if you are not within the typical age range for patients. You should have good health, no medical complications that could complicate treatment, realistic expectations regarding the facelift, and considerable room to improve.

Benefits of Treatment

It is obvious that patients seek this surgery as a way to become more physically attractive, especially in older people that have significant symptoms. Dr. Tavoussi targets areas that show deep creases, skin folds, definition loss, and unsightly fat deposits for the rejuvenation. Results can last for many years, especially if you begin good skin care to prolong the benefits of the facelift surgery.

The Facelift Procedure

A few steps are needed to complete a traditional facelift that targets multiple problem areas with rejuvenation. Spots that show noticeable fat that is not needed to enhance a contour are slimmed in the initial phase of surgery. The skins and muscles that have become loose and heavy over the years can be tightened to appear more youthful. After every other step has been completed with care, the outer layer of skin will be draped in a tighter position to conclude treatment.

Recovering from a Facelift

Always follow the recommendations of our facelift doctor so that you do not run into any complications during the recovery. Sleep with the head adequately elevated to limit swelling and take any antibiotics that are prescribed to prevent an infection from starting. It’s pretty common to want to arrange at least a week at home so that the visible side effects can subside naturally. Most people feel completely back to normal within a few weeks after they receive their facial rejuvenation.